Majestic Milk Bath

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History reveals to us that Cleopatra bathed DAILY in the milk of 7,000 Goat's (or Donkey's depending which story you read). Yes, you read that right! I thought I was extra but she beat me for sure and I LOVE it! Goat Milk has been known to be nourishing to the skin as it contains lactic acid which is a natural gentle exfoliant and a superior skin softening ingredient. It has also been said that goat milk aides in the appearance of glowing youthful skin. Our skin friend The Majestic Milk Bath will leave you feeling squeaky clean without depriving your skin of moisture.

Our Cleopatra Rose Majestic Milk Baths are as nourishing for the skin as they are rich in milky sweet aroma. A historically true, luxurious, and ancient bath ritual fit for a Queen. The intent I had when I recreated Cleopatra's bath and beauty ritual was to stay as aligned to history as realistically as possible. Moisturizing goat milk powder replaces goat milk in the liquid form as it graces the skin with much needed nutrients. Salts were added because Dead Sea salt was known to have mystical, therapeutic, and healing properties. Himalayan Salt and Epsom Salts are known to naturally relax the body. Rose and Sandalwood Essential oils were specifically chosen for this milk bath as they were both two of Cleopatra's favorite scents. Egyptian Rose Petals are included in our Majestic Milk Bath but feel free to top your bath off with fresh rose petals for an ascetically pleasing experience. Sit back and indulge in the aroma of the last Pharaoh's favorite scents as you take the time to honor the queen within.

We know that Milk Bath's can cause for a messy clean up and realistically we may not always have time for that. Which is why our Majestic Milk Bath's are included with a cotton bag and mini scoop which gives you the option to have a non-existent clean up. For the occasions you choose not to use the bag provided you can head over to our "Bath Accessories Collection" to add a "Bath Strainer" to your cart as it catches all florals and/or herbs used in milk baths.

Ingredient List: Goat milk power, Honey powder, Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, Epsom salt, Collidial Oats, Cornstarch, Baking Soda, Rose and Sandalwood Essential Oils, Egyptian Rose Petals. 12 oz.