Our Story

Welcome to Jasmine and Twine Cosmetics, The Bath and Beauty Company! 

My name is Jasmine and I am the owner of Jasmine and Twine Cosmetics. I'm a Bath Loving Queen from Fort Worth, Texas dedicated to creating High Quality, Artisan, Handmade Bath and Beauty Products fit for a Queen... but Kings are also welcome.  :)

In addition to the brand being named after me it was also named for its symbolism (oh how I looooove symbolism). Jasmine often symbolizes Love, Beauty, Sensuality, and depending where you're from the name also means "A Gift From God" (which I absolutely adore). Twine symbolizes ones confidence in their own strength and all doings. So naturally choosing a name that reflected my brand and products was a no brainer. I also have a love for things that are Rustic and Glam so this all tied together perfectly! 

It started with Traveling!

I've made it a personal goal to travel at least once a year. Over the years the trips/destinations have gotten "bigger" so to speak. From road trips around the U.S. to our last trip to Greece. Each year that I've been blessed enough to safely travel to other countries I've made it a personal goal to deeply immerse myself for months in advance in the history and culture of whichever country we are preparing to visiting. As a child it was my dream to be an Archaeologist. The beginning of this year the need to fill that void was SO strong that I was even looking apply/ pay to tag along with a University on an excavation trip in Egypt. YES, I was willing to pay to work for free just for the experience. This year my spirit was calling me to Egypt and other surrounding areas so about two weeks before the pandemic hit I started studying up! During my studies I was reminded that Cleopatra bathed DAILY in the milk of 7,000 Goats (or Donkeys depending which story you read). Yes, you read that right! I thought I was extra but she beat me for sure and I LOVE it! 

I strongly believe that because I am a Wise, Intelligent, Melanated woman with many characteristics of Beauty (so much more than skin deep) that SURELY I am a descendant of Royalty (SOMEWHERE down the line) and so are you! From there I made my first Majestic Milk Bath and Jasmine + Twine Cosmetics was born. Since then I've had several months of studying, learning, and have completed Herbal and Aromatherapy courses for fun. I've taken the time and necessary steps to properly learn this craft for myself as well as others. I'm very picky by nature and only sell products that I would use on myself and have been using my products for years now. This started with natural beauty remedies and Milk Baths for myself and grew quickly into something only God knew I was meant to do! A sweet labor of love and an extension from me to you, Jasmine and Twine Cosmetics.