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Prioritize Luxury Skincare 


Here at Jasmine and Twine Cosmetics it is our motto to "Prioritize Luxury Skincare" and to "Honor The Queen Within". We make that as easy as adding our products to your bag as we have already taken the time to create quality products with no added sulfate, parabens, or chemicals. We would almost be all natural if it wasn't for our love of High Quality Skin Safe Fragrance Oils and Micas that are used on some of our body bars in addition to the all natural bars used with natural colorants and essential oils. Please read each products ingredients before purchasing. Our High Quality, Handcrafted, and Cruelty Free Products that include Artisan Bath Bars, Luxury Body Oils and Majestic Milk Baths allow you to elevate your bath ritual with ease.

Royal Rose Oil

Activated Charcoal Facial Soap Bar

Don't forget to take a look at our Luxury Handcrafted Artisan Soap Bars. Invest in High Quality Products that are made with High Quality Ingredients. Take comfort in knowing that your skin is being nourished and renewed with each wash.

Handcrafted Artisan Soap Bars

The Coffee Exfoliant Bar is my favorite so far because of the gentle exfoliant side! Of course you have to like the scent of coffee to love this, but the mixture of French Vanilla really softens the smell. Not overbearingly scented, just right.


I LOVE this Bath & Body line! Not a bubble bath girl 'cause I just don't have the patience but the bath soaps (in the shower..oh my goodness!) provide a most excellent spa experience (even if its just for a few minutes). Coffee is refreshing and invigorating, Peaches and Creme and Milk and Honey are luscious and soothing. I'm so looking forward to trying more fragrances and more products!

I'm so excited my order arrived quickly! LOVE the packaging


What!?!? I got my order yesterday! Packaging and presentation were perfect! It was such a joy to open it! I originally bought the soaps with the intention of giving them away as gifts ...but now I don't want to part with them! They are so yummy!! I truly believe that your Milk and Honey scent needs to be the signature scent! You really have something special there! I can't believe this is your business! And I feel like I can see every single thought that went into every single detail! Your product and packaging are so luxurious!!! I can't wait to order more! And tell all my friends and family about it! I'm so excited for you!!!


October Soap of the month review: "Wow! I look how much attention to detail went into this HANDMADE soap!"